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Hostbroadcaster of the UEFA Champions League matches of FC Viktoria Plzeň.


Sports focused pay channel operating in Czech republic and Slovakia. Broadcaster of "Bílá stopa" TV magazine.

Sport Bohemia a.s.

Partner of „S ČT Sport na Vrchol“ concept



Česká televize

Major broadcaster on Czech territory



Mather Activation

Experts in sports marketing and projects activation. Organizers of major sports events in Czech Republic i.e. Jizerská padesátka, Primátorky, Bike-Prague, RunTour, SkiTour, etc.



Kolo pro život (Stopa pro život)

Unique series of long distance ski marathons in Czech republic



IEC in Sports AB

One of the biggest companies managing TV righta and acquisitions, member of Lagardére group. Organizer of Swix Skiclassics series



NRK – Norwegian Television

Major broadcaster in Norway